The Emmys are not the Oscars

Photo credit: An angel (from Getty Images, probably)

Photo credit: An angel (from Getty Images, probably)

My friend’s text put it best: “Is this the Source Awards?”


I haven’t watched the Emmys – or any awards show – in a really long time because I get tired of seeing a sea of white dominating the red carpet and ceremony.

Not this year, my Gs!

Holy smokes, I couldn’t get enough of all the Black and Brown Excellence reppin’ last night! It was the most beautiful sight I’ve seen on television, aside from actual TV shows including all these colorful characters.

I made it a point to tune in because the past year has been such a great one for Black television, and I’m glad the Emmys recognized so many of it (could have tossed Insecure something, but I have faith they’ll make up for it next season).

My timing was perfect – as soon as I turned it on, I saw Dave Chappelle and Melissa McCarthy come out as presenters for the Outstanding directing for a comedy series award. Chappelle mentioned how they both won earlier, and then said, “I am truly amazed at how many Black people are here. I counted 11 on the monitor.”

And then Donald Glover won, looking fantastic in a purple ass suit. He was the first Black person to win for that category, as well as the first to win for Lead in a comedy series since 1985.

Sterling K. Brown won for Best lead actor in a drama series and was super Black with his acceptance speech. I’m surprised he didn’t dap up everybody en route to the stage.

But the absolute best moment belonged to Lena Waithe! BLACK GIRL MAGIC, BABY!

Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter

Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter

Not only was she the first ever Black woman to be nominated for Outstanding writing in a comedy series, she won the damn thing. “Thanksgiving” on Master of None is one of the most excellent episodes in TV history. 

Shout out to Aziz Ansari, man. I been rockin' with him since days (not the Tumblr one). I'm super blessed that I got to see him perform at Oddball Festival three years ago, right when he was testing out material that developed into even more solid jokes on Master of None

I've yet to see The Night Of but congrats to Riz Ahmed, as well!

What an inspirational way to start the week!

Stay blessed.


Amber North